Zorica Bogdanović

Zorica Bogdanović

Full professor

Zorica Bogdanović, PhD, is a professor at Faculty of Organisational Sciences, University of Belgrade, Serbia. She teaches subjects in the areas of e-business and e-business technologies on BSc, MSc, and PhD studies. Her professional and scientific interests include e-business, internet marketing, internet technologies, big data, and internet of things. Results of her researches have been published in many well-known international journals and conference proceedings. She is member of IEEE and secretary of IEEE Computer chapter CO 16. She is in chair of seminar of IEEE Computer chapter CO 16, in chair of the summer school "E-business technologies" and in chair of Center for Internet of things at Faculty of Organisational Sciences.

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09:00 - 10:30

Big Data Technologies

Big Data Technologies provides an overview of the role of big data technologies in banking sector. Big data infrastructures and services are described, pointing out the problems of scalability, distributed processing, and real-time analysis. We present the problems related to collecting, storing, and analysing massive data sets. The concepts of big data analytics and relations with data science are explained. Further, we explain the specifics of application of big data in banking context and present typical use cases. Objectives: 1) Understand the main concepts of big data technologies, 2) Understand the specifics of designing big data infrastructures and services in banking sector, 3) Present the typical use cases of big data in banking, 4) Present the implementation problems and solutions. Outcomes: 1) Students are able to identify the need for big data solutions for implementing marketing strategies in the banking context, 2) Students are able to propose a big data-based service in the banking context, 3) Students are able to choose the adequate delivery channel for the proposed service (web site, mobile app, social media, or other).